When viewing galleries on a mobile device, the purchasing option is to the right of each image. You may need to slide the thumbnail page to the left to see the product list and add to cart button.


I take great pride in providing a quick and reliable service. Orders for image files are usually sent out the same day and prints are posted within 48 hours. If you have a question, or query about an order, or difficulty with the web site, PLEASE PHONE or TEXT Ray as above. A phone call is more reliable than email or Facebook, and I can often give you an immediate answer. I will call you back if I miss your call. Ray.

  • The last event on the web site is September 2018?

    That's right, I'm now retired! The website is the archive of events covered from 1993 until 2018. You can still obtain prints or image files from those events. As long as there is interest in the archive, I'll keep the website going.

  • Do I need a PayPal account to buy photos from the web site?

    No! You can use any debit/credit card for payment. I use PayPal as the card payment processor, and it will accept either debit/credit card payments OR payment by PayPal. At the check out screen you will see two options. Use the first if you want to pay with a PayPal account, or choose the second option to pay by debit or credit card. Any problems, please call!

    If you have problems using the checkout on a mobile phone, it may be that on your particular browser may not come up as the current page and remains hidden. It then depends on how your browser works with different tabs. This is not something in my control, so if that is the case, you may need to use a PC or tablet to make the order.

  • Can I pay by internet banking or the PayPal app?

    Yes. If you have problems using the web site to place your order, you can drop me a message or email with the details of what you want and how you would like to pay, either by internet banking, mobile payments or by the paypal app. I'll then confirm the details of where to send the payment.

  • I´ve placed an order for image files, and not received them?

    I reply to all orders for image files within 24 hours maximum, usually a lot quicker. If you don´t appear to get a reply in that time, please check that the email address you supplied with your order is correct, as that is where the reply goes! Also please check your spam and junk folders, as replies can often get sent there by your email provider. If you still can´t find the reply, please phone/text Ray on 07812 606887 because the problem is email!

  • I´ve bought a web/Facebook sized JPG file, can I upgrade it?

    Yes. If within 4 weeks of buying a web or Facebook size image file you decide you want a Hi Resolution image file (Approx 20 megapixels), you can upgrade it by using the UPGRADE FORM . If the purchase was more than 4 weeks ago, you can still upgrade it, but I may ask you for proof of purchase.

  • What sizes of image files (JPGs) are available?

    Image files (JPGs) are available in four sizes:

    • PHONE SIZE suitable for mobile phones, Facebook on a mobile etc.
    • FACEBOOK SIZE a larger size for Facebook on a PC, tablets, bigger mobile phones etc.
    • PRINTABLE JPGs are suitable printing up to A4 or A3.
    • HI RES if you want to print the image at A3 or bigger

    Web sized JPGs are supplied at 720x480 pixels, and are intended for use on Facebook, mobile phones etc. They are relatively small files, and although they can be printed, they don´t have the definition of the printable JPGs, and may appear "jagged" if you print them. If you want to print the image, you should choose either the printable or high resolution image for best results.

  • I´ve ordered some JPGs, how do I receive them?

    IMPORTANT: All orders for JPGs are replied to by email, so please check that we have your correct email address with your order. If you pay by PayPal they will send us the address you have registered with them, so make sure it is up to date.

    Web sized JPGs are small files, and we send those back attached to the email. High resolution and printable JPGs are much bigger files, so we upload them to our web site and send you an email with the link to the images. From there you can download them as many times as you want, and on as many devices as you want.

    If you include your mobile number in "instructions to Merchant" on the checkout, we will send you a text confirmation as well.

  • I´ve bought some prints, can I copy them?

    Yes. Unlike many event photographers, we place NO restrictions on the way that you can use the prints you bought at an event. Feel free to scan them for use on web sites or Facebook and Twitter. If you want copies of the image files, then these have to be ordered through the web site.

    You are equally free to take the prints to your local copy shop if you want to have enlargements etc made. However, you will get a much better quality result if you purchase the original image file and take that to the copy shop, or better still, order an enlargement direct from us!

  • I´ve bought some prints, can I get copies or enlargements?

    You can order reprints and enlargements of photos from events using the relevant gallery. On the back of the prints since 2007, you should find a line of text which has the date and the image reference number, making it quick and easy to find the photo in our gallery. Just click through the event and the class and you will find all of the images in numerical order. Each image has a drop down list of prints and JPGs in various sizes to make it easy to order what you want.

  • I have the reference of a photo, how do I find the event?

    With over 5 million images in the archive, I appreciate this might look like a problem! It isn't and I have the master index for every reference. The easiest way is to ask, and I'll tell you exactly where and when it was taken.

  • Will you post prints overseas?

    I'd prefer not to, and the prices on the web site are for prints posted in the UK. For customers ordering from around the world, I'd prefer you to order the printable image file and get the print done locally. This will be faster for you, and avoids the problems of prints getting lost or damaged in the post. For prints to be posted overseas, I will quote postage separately depending on your order.

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The events listed below have been scanned from the negatives and the photos can be viewed online now. There are still over 1000 events in the archive that haven't been scanned, but can be done to order.

All events from 2007 to 2018 are fully online. Check out the Event Galleries section for those events.

There are thousands of events and over 3 million negatives in the archive. Most events have between 600 and 1000 negatives and it takes 5 to 8 hours to scan all the negatives from just one event!

You can find all the events between 1993 and 2006 in the index, and any event can be put online using the system which you will find on the event pages. I have to ask people to not email or text me with lists of events they took part in, because the archive is too big and there are just too many competitors! The work on the archive will have to be targeted, and restricted to just firm orders. Orders for galleries to go online will normally be completed within 7 days.