YEAR INDEX  25/07/1993 AMCA Tormarton AMCC - St Catherines

Photos for this event are sorted by group and bike number as far as possible. If you rode the "wrong" colour plates, you may not have been correctly classified, so check you number in other classes as necessary. A copy of the programme is at the bottom of this page if you want to check your competition number.

In case of any problems with these pages, please contact Ray on 07812 606887. Thank you.


These low res samples are the from the event. Why bother copying the watermarked thumbnails when you can have an image more than twice the size, better quality and without all the writing for just £2?


I don't have a copy of the programme for this event. This is the entry list from a Worcester event in the area around August 1993, which may jog a few memories.

Event programme page
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