YEAR INDEX  03/09/1994 BSMA Team Event Severn Valley SSC - Maisemore

Photos for this event are grouped by class. Rider numbers are by club as follows:

1,2,3,4 Severn Valley
6,7,8,9 Corsham
11,12,14,15 Cotswolds Youth
16,17,18,19 Norton Radstock
31,32,33,34 South Somerset
36,37,38,39 South West Association
41,42,43,44 South Wales
46,47,48,49 West Midlands
51,52,53,54 Berks and Hants
56,57,58,59 East Kent
61,62,63,64 Moredon
71,72,73,74 Portsmouth
81,82,83,84 Mid Wilts
A copy of the programme is at the bottom of this page if you want to check your competition number.

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These low res samples are the from the event. Why bother copying the watermarked thumbnails when you can have an image more than twice the size, better quality and without all the writing for just £2?


These pages are from the event programme. Please ask if you need more information.

Event programme page Event programme page Event programme page
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