YEAR INDEX   EVENT INDEX  10-11/10/2009 Weston Beach Race 2009 _5_AdultSolos #718

IMAGE QUALITY: The thumbnails here are deliberately low quality but give you details of the shot content. These images have not been checked individually and if you are unsure about an individual image please ask me to check it before ordering. The image files or prints that I send you will be corrected for colour, contrast and cropped to give you the best possible result. If you do not want the image cropped or want it cropped in a particular way, please tell me.

WATERMARKS: Purchased images have no watermarking, so you know what to do if you don't like the watermarks!

IMAGE FILES: In the list of products to the right of each image you can find different sizes of JPG IMAGE FILES:

  • Phone sized (720x480 pixel) suitable for Mobile Phones and Facebook on a phone. Sent by email directly.
  • Facebook sized (960x640 pixel) larger size for Facebook on a PC and larger phones. Sent by email directly.
  • Printable (3000x2000 pixel) images are the most popular size for printing up to A4, possibly A3. They are suitable to be printed either at home or sent to a lab and ideal to make T Shirts, mugs etc using online services. You will receive an email back with the link to the image.
  • Full high resolution images are the biggest available, approx 20 megapixel, and will be better if you want to make larger posters or large canvases. You will receive an email back with the link to the image

TEXT CONFIRMATION OF DESPATCH: To receive a text confirmation when your order is sent, please add your mobile phone number in the "Instructions to Merchant" box at the checkout.


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