PLEASE NOTE: Due to a combination of circumstances I will not be able to supply prints nor scan new events for five or six weeks from Tuesday 22nd December. During this time I will only be able to supply image files that are currently online. Sorry, for any inconvenience. Cheers. Ray

GDPR Regulations and your privacy.


In the following text, the term "this web site" refers to or

Hi and welcome! Here is this web sites GDPR privacy policy in plain English!

I, Ray Smith, am the "Data Collector" for this web site under the GDPR legislation.

Personal data I collect and how it is collected

This web site does not collect your personal data, it does not use cookies, nor does it track your activity on the site. You are anonymous when using this web site. The only time you supply personal data is when you place an order.

For clarity, I DO NOT have any records of your payment details, such as card or bank information. When you pay for an order, the payment process is done through the PayPal organisation, and none of that information is recorded by this web site.

PayPal then send me the order details, and this includes your name, your email, your phone number if you supply it and the delivery address. This data is necessary for me to respond to your order in our mutual legitimate interest.

How I store your personal data

I do not keep your details on a database. Your order details containing your personal data come in the form of an email from PayPal. Our email system is hosted on a secure server located away from our premises. In order to comply with legislation, orders must be stored for seven tax years, so we will expect to hold on to copies of emails for that period after the order was placed.

How I use your personal data

Your data is used strictly for the purposes of fulfilling your order. We do not carry out marketing campaigns and we do not maintain any kind of mailing or contact list. Your data will never be passed on or revealed to any third party.

Photographs on this web site

When it comes to your photographs, the EU/GDPR hasn't been too specific about what that means for photographers bar the need to demonstrate reasonable and legitimate use. To that extent, all the photographs which have been made available for public viewing on the web site have been taken at events for which I was officially recognised by the organisers as a photographer for their event. The photographs taken at the event, and their use on this web site is considered of legitimate interest to all parties involved in those events. If you have a legitimate cause for concern about any photograph of you on the web site in the context of your privacy or personal data please contact me with details.

In order to fulfil orders for high resolution images, some photographs are made available via private galleries on this web site. To access these galleries, customers are provided with individual links. These galleries can be accessed by anyone who has the link and are not security protected. If you do not wish for the gallery to remain on the web site once you have obtained the images, I will happily delete them from the server on request.

Right of confirmation, access, rectification and erasure

If you have questions about how your personal data is handled, you can just write to me and I will respond. I'm happy to show you the information I have on you, and unsurprisingly it will be exactly the things you've put on your order! If any of the information is wrong, you have the right to correct it.

Use of Photographs outside of this web site.

Photographs obtained from this web site should be expected to be seen elsewhere on the internet, and that is outside of my control. For example, they may be supplied to event organisers for their publicity purposes, to publications and online media for journalism purposes, as well as used on social media sites for the general interest of competitors who took part. This is not an extensive list, but if you have a reasonable cause to not wish for your photographs at an event to be used after an event for these or similar purposes, please contact me.

GDPR compliance!

The new EU regulations require me to safeguard and act responsibly with your data. That is my intention and I take that seriously. If you have any doubts or concerns about GDPR compliance, please contact me.

Revision 2.0 updated 19th September 2020