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 YEAR INDEX  05/09/2004 BSMA - Team Event - Foxholes

Photos for this event are grouped by class. Rider numbers are by club as follows:

1,2,3,4 East Kent
6,7,8,9 Corsham
11,12,14,15 Cotswolds Youth
26,27,28,29 Portsmouth
31,32,33,34 South Somerset
36,37,38,39 South West Association
41,42,43,44 Cornwall
56,57,58,59 Severn Valley
61,62,63,64 Moredon
71,72,73,74 Coventry
75,76,77,78 Warley Wasps
86,87,88,99 East Anglia
91,92,93,94 Mid Wilts

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